Stress for Medical Healthcare Professionals can be very overwhelming when we are not in control which could be -number of patients we have to see on a particular day or the volume of work tasks needed to be completed in a specific day or time period . It is in these particular areas that Medical Healthcare Professionals, including myself became imbalanced and loss the alignment of who we are and what our purpose is within our environment. Clouded by overwhelm, we can easily forget our power and resilience in that particular moment, If only we can remember often our power and resilience then we can handle anything at that given moment . The more peace one has within; the more resilience one can overcome in these stressful days.

Majority of healthcare workers say that they function best when in an adrenaline rush, perhaps this is the only way way they might identify successful outcomes; the question we may want to explore is what if there was another way to achieving successful outcomes free of adrenaline rush- this ‘superhuman power ‘ may save a life – how are we releasing the adrenaline and normalising our bodies to regaining calm…

As a healthcare worker, as I got to know myself I realised that I had a tendency to overhelp and when we over do something we loose balance and which always results in taking more from you and giving away that to someone else which ultimately deprives you of giving to yourself and bringing up emotions that originate from this imbalance.

It is possible to have balance
You create your world, and grow into living life and doing things you are passionate about

I have learnt this very simple but powerful concept from the Modern Mystery School which is know Thyself. When we know ourselves we create healthy boundaries , we are able to check in with ourselves and really become aware of these patterns that keeps us in this imbalance so that we can bring about change and live from a far better healthier foundation.

Knowing ourselves often reveals our stresses and what triggers these stresses so we can do something about it and attempt to tackle it differently when these issues of overwhelm / overbooking for e.g. creep up on us.

Very often knowing ourselves enabled us to become leaders in all aspects of our lives… so we can bring about change in our environment or on how we do things which is how we progress in our personal and professional lives. As healthcare workers, we are seen as leader, and our energy flows to our patients and colleagues. When we have a system in place that can fill our reservoir of energy without going into depletion we serve ourselves, and we can share more from a full cup…

Leaders flow energy…

As healthcare workers, we are seen as leader, and our energy flows to our patients and colleagues. When we have a system in place that can fill our reservoir of energy without going into depletion we serve ourselves, and we can share more from a full cup…

Methods that support me daily – in keeping me balanced and reducing my stress is my attitude towards my day , I create it .

  • Firstly , I have to be happy and peaceful in my home and relationships which is my personal space this will impact my day , my life and every moment . – the worst prison is not “ Your home should be your sanctuary “ if you are working hard , you deserve to create this space for yourself
  •  When you are in your sanctuary / home . You create your environment perhaps flowers , a garden, art , anything that supports the vibration of your environment and your inner peace
  • I use Sacred Geometry daily to set my space and create a temple space which supports my mind , body and spirit. This 3 hour power class will equip you in creating a high vibrational space in your home impacting on your thought , emotions , productivity etc.
  •  And most importantly encouraging a deep Meditation . When we as healthcare workers may often work best under adrenaline, we may sometimes find it challenging for silencing our minds, however when we start to know ourselves and use the Max Meditation System™ designed by Founder Gudni GudnasonModern Mystery School , we use 5 effective methods to enhance your relaxation of mind , body and spirit
  •  Another method is to do rituals daily , to shift negative thinking, release emotions in a healthy way , protect and strengthen your energetic structure, raise your frequency so you avoid attracting lower frequencies (Fear, worry, anger, conflict, apathy etc). Creating a protective healing space, connections with angelic light beings for support in your daily life. Moving meditation called chi do that keeps your aura and energetic structure cleansed and free from emotional baggage. All these rituals/ tools protocols and practices can be achieved in 5- 15 min and are handed down to you at a 2 day class called Empower Thyself. You can enquire about the next class Here. Meditation and chi do are offered on Mondays and Wednesdays respectively 7:30uk time with the Modern Mystery School UK, you may sign up Here.
  • Another great method to overcome stress is using the tools and protocols from the Stress Rescue Class which is a 3 hour class online or in person designed to uncover the root of your stresses. A great class to take and really reap the benefits. Many times when we are overwhelmed as Medical Healthcare Professionals, we might come up with “ I don’t have the time” because the chemical imbalances may put us in a state of overdrive and exhaustion, like if we are not stressed, we are exhausted hence we don’t have the time for anything else; however the only way out is to change our mindsets to I have to make the time to overcome my stress so I can strive to stay balanced at all times. When we dip our feet into our inner peace , we become stress free; we will eventually want more of it .

When we have a strong inner world, we automatically create a stronger outer world according to the Hermetic principle- ‘As above so below , as within, so without’ – powerful principle to live by.

If you are experiencing stress and overwhelm, please reach out, I would highly recommend a negative emotional cord cut release which brings your energy back to you and allows you let go of any baggage you may be carrying and not aware of. The Life Activation Session is one of the most powerful sessions the Modern mystery school practitioners offer around the world. A session that balances and cleanses your energetic structure and brings light to your physical and spiritual DNA enabling you to tackle stress from the level of DNA resulting in transformation and deep healing from within when it comes to the root of what triggers stress in our lives. There are many sessions I could recommend however once you contact your practitioner they would be able to suggest a session that could support you if you would prefer a session instead of a class at the beginning.

Should you want to become a practitioner please reach out, we have training internationally known as Healers Academy, that focuses on Life Activations sessions, Aura Healings and the Max Meditation System TM.

If you would like to chat, please reach out to myself or practitioners around the world.

May peace be with you, and know that you are bigger than your overwhelm and challenges, with the powerful tools to support you, you can overcome anything.

Love yadiksha