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What is The Modern Mystery School?

The Modern Mystery School is one of 7 mystery schools on the planet which has been around for thousands of years even before humanity existed.

The Vision of the School is to achieve World peace and bring progression to Humanity so that each individual can achieve their fullest potential by finding their life purpose and live in peace, joy and abundance. The school holds an ancient lineage derived from metaphysical teachings and principles from the Hermetica.

The importance of Lineage

This lineage is thousands of years old designed to progress humanity by activations and initiations that King Solomon produced.

He believed that humanity needed to awaken, and we could achieve this by using more of our brain function. Hence he designed tools, classes and healings for humanity to achieve this.

Pictured from left to right: Ipsssisimus Hideto Nakagome, Founder Gudni Gudnason, & Ipssisismus Dave Lanyan

The Third Order (lineage holders)

Founder Gudni Gudnason
is an extraordinary gentleman that lives his life to the fullest in each moment. He endeavours to master his creative world, physical world and spiritual world. Click here for a full bio on Founder Gudni Gudnason.

Ipsssisimus Hideto Nakagome
is an extraordinary gentleman that lives his life to the fullest in each moment. He endeavours to master his creative world, physical world and spiritual world. Click here for a full bio on Founder Gudni Gudnason.

Ipssisismus Dave Lanyan
is an extraordinary gentleman that lives his life to the fullest in each moment. He endeavours to master his creative world, physical world and spiritual world. Click here for a full bio on Founder Gudni Gudnason.

All three of these Gentleman hold the keys of the modern mystery school and dedicated to making the world a better place, and take action in their roles and as individuals in achieving world peace.

Modern Mystery School Core Values And Beliefs

Our Core Beliefs

We believe that all humans have come from a Divine Origin and are therefore made from a Divine substance, therefore in a sense are Gods and Goddesses!

We believe that all humans are Eternal, that we have never been born and therefore we can never die. Yes, we have a physical body, but so does the butterfly have a shell, a larva that then transforms into their true nature. We believe that we are in that process, becoming our true self! We believe that all humans have all the knowledge we need, and that whatever questions we have, the answers reside within ourselves.

The Mystery School was established only to assist humans to find those answers, not to give them!

We believe that humans are constructed by three components, physical body, soul and spirit and that all three of these need to be taken care of through wisdom, nurturing, and healing.

The Mystery School Lineage provides this with ancient metaphysical tools used and perfected over thousands of years. The Lineage has focused on working with and creating tools to handle the complicated machine or the computer of the human vehicle, what we call the MIND.

Our tools are aimed to help each individual take back control of this vehicle for themselves so they can create a better life.

We believe that all of our physical manifestations start within the mind thus it is so important to take good care of it!

We believe that humans are born as two different genders, male and female, as so proven by biology and that the science of this is accurate. We then believe in the individual’s freedom to regard themselves as whatever or whoever makes them happy, but that the facts are indisputable that our foundational physicality is that we are all born either male or female and that there are undeniable differences in that foundation.

We furthermore believe that we have certain archetypes for us to follow and strive to be like, these all being Gods and Goddesses of ancient times on earth, bringing us good values and traits for us to follow and admire. These archetypes have inspired us humans for thousands of years and they define our lives in every way, allowing us to overcome any obstacle that comes before us, to grow greater than our previous self and rise victorious in life. Without these divine archetypes we would not nor could we attain such heights of human potential.

We believe in the essential goodness of all humans or their capacity for such, even though history may show different. Humans are innately good, and with the correct environmental influence and inner self work we can accomplish our highest human potential to do good! We believe in the right of self-determination as well as taking full responsibility for one’s own thoughts, actions and words in all situations.

We believe that the true ownership of those things is laid at the feet of the individual self, whether it bares good or bad fruit for themselves or others.

We believe that the character and integrity of a individual is far more important and meaningful than the identification of one by a group or a collective.

We believe people should have the freedom to express themselves in a healthy way, unburdened by any constraint to conform to a particular group or person’s personal opinions or acceptance of those views.

We believe in the power of humans to create a better world and that with the correct nurturing we can accomplish that goal. This would not be accomplished with any one organization (including the Modern Mystery School), religion or otherwise such, but rather through the power of the people themselves, led by their love of freedom, acceptance of themselves and others and peace!

Modern Mystery School Core Values

We value life as we know it, that sacred spark from the universe that can and will ignite the world to become a better place for us all.

We value every individual, no matter who or what they are, by what name they go or ideas they have.

We will do our best to make certain that they can express themselves in the most healthy and positive way possible for humans.

We value that, after the awakening of the inner being, there is a need for self-expression of their soul, their inner feelings and thoughts.

We welcome that expression and see it as a part of our organization, as a part of who and what we are. We value being different, we see it as being unique.

We welcome those who suffer from the ignorance and judgement of others who do not understand nor accept that uniqueness.

We value society, as it has given us the opportunity to serve the greater good to a larger audience.

We value Governments of countries who try to do their best to take care of their citizens.

We value those who want to create a positive change in the world and we gladly support their efforts.

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Welcoming place, the trainer Yadiksha was friendly and explained clearly the course. I’m completely new to sacred geometry series. I am not disappointed at all. Thank Yadiksha!

Pinda Therapist (Santeholistic)

Yadiksha has an amazing light and energy. I have experienced it personally and have benefitted immensly from the sessions. I have since gone ahead and trained, under Yadiksha, and have become a healer and Life Activation Practitioner. I look forward to more sessions in the future.

Nilam P

I am so grateful for the opportunity and the amazing experience I had.

Met Yadiksha for an hr session which included the Life Activation Session and the negative emotional chord cut release, and I feel so much better, more positive and calm.

The space felt prepared and it was full of beautiful energy and I would recommend this to anyone who is searching for inner peace and espiritual enlightenment.

YAdiksha – Thanks again for spreading your love and wisdom through your sessions and meditaciones!

With gratitude,

Carolina Torres Ospina

I loved the experience during the women circle meditation.

I could even connect with my guardian Angel ( feel her presence). I felt much lighter after , and could notice a shift in energy because there were so many people smiling at me on my way home ( despite the fact that I was super tired as had worked a lot prior to the circle).

Always looking forward to the meditative space woth Yadiksha

Andreea Pascariu (Anima's Journey)

I had a life activation and empower thyself with Yadiksha. It was an amazing experience overall. I felt that I am more open and receptive.

I start to know my self more everyday now and I also felt that my vibration is always at its best lately because I dealt better with constructive criticism, and i feel less stress and get less annoyed by others. If you think you loss track of your purpose in life, I highly recommend Life activation and Empower Thyself.

Cian Doyle

I meet Yadiksha and had a wonderful Life Activation. At the beginning it was only a novel and interesting experience. I didn’t necessarily feel any different at first.

Yet later over time I have come to see, feel, understand insights and new experiences that have since opened up to me and I can only thank Yadiksha for having performed and offered the Empower They Self and the Life Activation to me.

Giancarlo Sacchelli

I feel so lucky to have discovered Yadiksha’s Sanctuary Meditations. I have often struggled with this meditation, but her calm, tranquil leadership provides a compassionate, uplifting, and enlightening experience every time.

Thank you, Yadiksha, for the healing energy you bring to everything you do. I am deeply grateful. 🙂

Jennifer Doody
With Yadiksha’s help &, guidance, I was introduced to the Modern Mystery school teachings which have transformed my life for the better.

I received the negative energy removal & Life Activation from her & i attended Empower Thyself and the healing received is phenomenal. I feel so empowered, peaceful & happier in life. Her patience, kindness & support through my progression is much appreciated.

Sharona Jagdeo

I totally recommended her to everyone. 2021 I had a life transformation separated my ex and I was panicked so stressful satiuation but I started working with Yadisha her stress relaxing class doing once a week and she helped me to manage my stress, be calm & presence also to be aware and concentrate to do anything.

But also the meditation helps me to be very calm, relaxing and happy. Thank you very much

beza Kiros

I had a lovely experience with yadiksha resonate inner peace modern mystery school. I met yadiksha who turned my life tremendously with so much of energy and light.. I started looking at life in a different way.

There is so much of peace and calm. Thank you yadiksha for always keeping in touch and being there as a moral support. God bless you

Seshnie Jagdeo

Testimonial for Empower Thyself Class

How Modern Mystery School-Empower Thyself has helped me with The Water Element:
Growing up as a child I had 2 nasty incidents at the beach . So I would never enjoy dipping into a pool or the waves.
I have even traveled overseas to some beautiful places (island/seaside) but again would not bother , even though I would carry a swimsuit.

Since Empower Thyself with Yadiksha Hari, understanding the elements , shower ritual, learning about waters frequency/vibration; I have a newfound love and appreciation for water!!!! I actually enjoy being in a pool since last year. Haven’t yet tried the beaches but looking forward to it.

So the trauma I associated with water seems to be healed.

Thanks for being part of my learning, healing and journey.

Rohini Ramkasan

I have been doing Yadishka’s meditation and stress release group for a while now . Today I finally managed to connect with my body during a body scan type meditation called Max Meditation System.

It is a really big deal for me and at the end I could notice which parts of my body could soften and be ok with the parts that were still holding stress.


The tools are magical,I highly recommend the life activation session and empower thyself class,I also use the tools from sacred geometry to set my space in my home daily.

Investing in myself is my greatest achievement.Thank you for your guidance and support Yadiksha.

Avishkar Ragunanan

Excellent tools in gaining greater insights and amplifying the light.

Rahila Khan

Wonderful awesome experience all I can say is she is the best healer 🙂

Purnima Khullar


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