Welcome Dear one…

Today I would like to share the possibility of inner peace being present in your Life..

Firstly you would have to ask yourself if inner peace is possible…

If yes! What are you doing to maintain this peace…

If no ! What is stopping you…

  • Awarenessis key – Having the opportunity to be aware of being in the present moment with what is actually taking place.
  • Knowing yourself– This is vital as you begin your journey of inner peace, you will gain a stronger connection and have an idea of what brings you peace. Knowing yourself includes everything that is not in alignment of your peace.
  • Healing your triggers- Being aware of yourtriggers is most important to heal as these triggers can affect your inner peace.
  • Meditation- plays an important role in cultivating and maintaining your inner peace, however one must strive to be in the present moment as we go through our daily lives, we cannot be meditating if we have demanding careers, however that peaceful energy should resonate from you. Our aim should be to strive to be on our middle pillar so that when challenges and obstacles arise, we are able to tackle them with ease and grace.
  • Making choices that keep you aligned with your inner peace- As a result we must strive to make better choices that are in alignment with our peaceful state of being.
  • Healing Negative patterns and wounds- The path to healing self is a continuous journey of change and transformation, these patterns and wounds will come up for healing throughout your journey of mastering yourself, it is important to have a deep love for self when these arise to support you in letting go and creating better for yourself.

Below are a list of sessions and classes that you may wish to find out more about, these will further support you in your maintaining your Inner peace.

What I love most about the path of progression is that you Receive keys to support your Inner peace :

  1. Life Activation session– where light supports your healing process from a DNA level so you can begin to shift and transform .
  2. Empower Thyself– You receive Empowerment tools to support you daily , to shift your negative thinking , creating more flow in your life, protect your energy, strengthen your energetic field , and draw in more light into your life , release your emotions in a healthy way and so much more to serve your yourself
  3. Classes like Sacred Geometry– create a high vibrational space
  4. Astral Travel– learn a safe and effective method to astral travel and gain spiritual enlightenment
  5. MeditationMeditation for balance, calm , stress relief, inner peace
  6. Stress rescue– Know yourself, know your stressors, dress the feeling of being ‘trapped’ , gain methods of targeting the root cause of your stressors. Become free, empowered and make better choices for you…

May peace be with you !

I would be happy to guide you if you are interested in achieving peace within . Enquire Here

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